The goal of this policy is to ensure the quality of the hotel “DilijaniTun” as an organization dedicated to high hospitality standards. To ensure the effectiveness of the hotel’s quality management system, the hotel “DilijaniTun” has adopted this policy, which defines the following principles:

  • Be dedicated to the development and implementation of the quality policy system, as well as its ongoing enhancement with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015;
  • Be committed to the Republic of Armenia’s legislative and regulatory requirements;
  • Analyze and support the satisfaction of all stakeholders’ needs, including customers, employees, owners, the surrounding community, partners and suppliers, local and government agencies, and others as well.
  • Be dedicated to shaping the region’s ongoing cultural development;
  • To be committed to creating an environment in which employees’ professional and personal skills can be developed, as well as to increasing stable jobs and improving the socioeconomic situation.
  • Be dedicated to the enhancement and ongoing growth of the region’s business environment, ensuring strong competitiveness.

In accordance with the aforementioned principles and in order to carry out this policy, “DilijaniTun” Hotel engages in the following activities:

  • Defines and displays the company’s relevant processes, as well as key performance indicators.
  • Identifies and assesses the risks associated with the hotel’s quality management system, as well as determines and implements control measures;
  • Distributes and communicates the company’s quality policy to employees and other stakeholders.

The “DilijaniTun” Hotel has firmly adopted this policy as a fundamental component of the Quality Management System and as guidance in its activities.